If your online business is not converting, a website audit will help you find the answers you are looking for.

In the early days of internet, designing and setting up a website in WordPress was not simple.

As a result, most of small business owners ended up having an okay web design but not traffic generation and therefore, no sales conversion.


These are some of the benefits we offer when running a website SEO audit:

✅ Finding what pages are not optmised for good user experience and search engines (e.g., Google compliant).

✅ Understanding why your online business is not converting.

✅ Improve search visibility and indexability.

✅ Last but not least, identify areas for improvement so you can genuinely outrank your direct competitors.  


These are the three (3) main aspects we implement to make sure we get the most of the audit process.

Usage of the Best SEO Audit Tools

We use the most relevant SEO audit tools available in the market to ensure a complete deep analysis of your wordpress website back-end is performed.

Here we will be able to identify:

  • Thin content (lack of information in core pages, images, tittles, etc).
  • Duplicate content internally within your site and externally against other existing websites.
  • HTML errors (e.g., 404 – page not found) and,
  • Other factors.

Website Structure and Content Analisys

Here is where we identify how the users “behave” in each landing page (e.g., Home page, services or contact us).

This is a very important part of the website audit as it will tell us what the users are doing when visiting any of the pages.

  • Is your website offering the answers your visitors are looking for?
  • How difficult is for them to navigate.
  • Are they getting engaged with the content or are they bouncing out too fast?
  • Is the speed of your website good enough to not waste user’s time and therefore keeping search engines happy? 

Clear and Concise Website Audit Report

Running an online audit is not easy. 

We don’t want to impress by writing a long and “hard to read” boring website audit report.

What you will get is a summary of all the important issues causing your small business website to be under the radar of potential buyers and clients.

This will be done by classifying each finding based on its importance (high, medium, low).

From here, we can take a call and discuss wheter the issues can be fixed by you (saving some money) or get us to tackle the most CRITICAL findings and speed up results. 


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